BirdVoice Pack


The BirdVoice pack contains a wealth of pre-recorded bird information to add to your joy of discovering birds and their sounds, as well as having the capacity to allow you to add other bird recordings. Included in each pack is:

  • 1 Field Guide 290 species of European Birds
  • 1 4GB BirdVoice PEN, batteries, lanyard Free BirdCaller software
  • 1 80 page British Birds diary binder zip-up case to hold your BV contents
  • 1 British Birds Guide for your 6 ring binder.

With superbly illustrated pictures by Mike Langman, seasonal maps and sound enabled with songs, calls and expert narration. The recordings are by Jean C Roché - Europe's leading expert in bird sounds. Also included is Geoff Sample's advice on how to identify species. There are over 4 hours of expert recordings on each BirdVoice PEN. 1 Talking Bird Picture Stickers of 52 well known birds 1 Talking British Birds Quiz Cards