Rama's Hut (ebook)


This ebook comes as a story in English and the language you choose and the associated activitiy books.
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This is based on the Ramayan, an ancient sacred literature of India. King Rama is unfairly exiled. His younger brother, Laksmana, and his wife, Sita, follow Him for 14 years until their return in triumph. In this book a boy pretends to be Laksmana and makes a play hut in his backyard for his Rama doll. These ebooks playback audio in English and the home language. Each story is accompanied by an activity book, 'Learning the English Alphabet' activity book and Series Manual. Each book includes interactive activities for readers to test and improve their knowledge. The Dr. Best Learn to Read series is scientifically designed to teach or enhance reading skills, based on the UK government's phonics system and world standards for classifying reading levels. These enchanting stories teach knowledge of, and love for, Vedic culture, philosophy, and values.