Learn To Read SET A Story Books

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The Talking Story Books have the text in English and can be listened to in the following languages, page by page:

English, Afrikaans, Bengali, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Mandarin, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Tamil, Telegu and Thai.

Listen to the stories in your home language, understand and then listen in English. Practice reading. The associated Activity Book*, full of ideas, will help you familiarise yourself in reading the words in the story book. Develop speaking skills by saving your own voice onto every page. Each book gets progressively harder but nevertheless has a clear message of care and concerns for others. (Users have found that the books help in developing speaking skills in any of the languages mentioned above.)

- Krishna Is
- We Can Run in the Sun
- Cows Get Love
- We Are Singing
- Sita Sat at the Temple
- Did Krishna Do It?
- Krishna's Pot
- The Red and Tan Pack
- Rama's Hut
- Sita Will Fix the Mess
- Diwali
- Song of the Ramayan
- Krishna in a Boat
- I Look for My Krishna

SET A starts with books that teach the most rudimentary reading behaviors and takes a child through the foundational sound-spelling combinations of English. Children are introduced to Sita’s family who live in a modern city, as well as Ravi and Vikram’s family who live in the village of Govardhana, India. SET A also introduces Krishna and the residents of the village of Vraja, in simplified versions of traditional tales that children and adults have enjoyed for thousands of years.

The Phase One guide and the first four talking books are suitable for between 1-6 months of reading and teaching, with the remaining 10 talking books and corresponding activity books designed to engage children for about one week each. Children will return to the talking books again and again over many years since they are enchanting stories with interactive features. And children as young as 2 years old will love being read to from the books in this set.

*SET A Activity Books are now only available as interactive ebooks, and are available for purchase separately. Purchase the Story Book SET A, B & C, plus a MagicPEN, to receive all corresponding Activity Books Free of Charge.