I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the reading program you put together. I didn’t know how I was going to keep on teaching Rupa at home until I got this. It brought new life into teaching and it’s a heck of a lot of fun! I’m very grateful for your work. It's very special what you doing and so many will be benefited. I’m still amazed how I’m teaching Rupa how to read, and Krishna is in the center...

Amala, homeschooling mother, USA August 2020

We must thank you profusely for such an ingenious system of books. Simply put, they are brilliant! Our little boy has just turned 4 and loves the books, to be truthful he won’t read anything else, except other books on Krishna inspired by this series. He is following your series, as advised, from the beginning and has picked up many new words and is reading them by Krishna’s Mercy. My wife has shown them to a school in Andra Pradesh, India and they are most impressed, in fact cannot believe how good they are. We would like to donate, on behalf of Krishna, some book sets to this school. May Krishna bless you immensely! Hare Krishna,

Nitesh, Consultant ENT Surgeon, and Hema, UK

Interactive, fun, easy, natural, and inspiring! As children learn to read with this new series they also grow in character and moral values. Instructions are so detailed and clear that even new teachers or parents without teaching experience can get great results. It uses teaching methods with decades of success in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, and New Zealand—Synthetic Phonics, Guided Reading, and Inductive Whole-word Phonics. The talking books and activity books are so much fun, and so inspirational, that children will want to use them even if they already know how to read or are learning to read with another system in school. These books are designed not only as stand-alone reading instruction, but also to complement almost all systems of teaching reading. Dr Best has created a delightful series of readers that not only assist in the development of reading skills for young readers but foster the spiritual values so important in today's world. These readers can be used flexibly to develop decoding skills, comprehension strategies, foster critical thinking or to share for pure enjoyment when used effectively in the context of the classroom or home. This series of books will complement any classroom reading programme.

Jo Hickman President: Tauranga Moana Reading Council, New Zealand (Affiliated to the International Reading Association) Delegate for New Zealand Reading Association

Finally, after more than three decades, we welcome the long awaited, culturally sensitive, age appropriate, learn to read materials for our children. You have achieved what many experts would consider unachievable. You have carefully crafted stories with scientific precision in terms of phonic progressions, promoted a holistic Krishna conscious culture and gifted our children with memorable, quality, reading experiences. To top it off you have recruited the best of the best in children’s book illustrators from around the globe. Not satisfied with this level of excellence you have inserted a sound chip into the pages so that young readers have the opportunity to hear the story in their mother tongue – an absolutely brilliant aid to assist the beginner reader. I have been critiquing Krishna conscious materials and other learning resources for over two decades and I can say that nothing comes close to this in terms of quality. It’s educationally sound, aesthetically appealing and culturally rich. This is an outstanding contribution to the future of ISKCON education. Prana Dasa (Paul O’Sullivan) B.A., Dip. Ed., M.Ed., Dip. TESSOL Principal Hare Kr

Prana Dasa (Paul O’Sullivan) B.A., Dip. Ed., M.Ed., Dip. TESSOL Principal Hare Krishna School Auckland.

The stories in these books bring tears to my eyes with their sweetness and devotion, food for my soul, spiritual and moral instruction and creative mental imagery to my mind, with their beautiful colourful pictures. Another significant and exciting thing about these books is that they systematically develop the child's reading skills with their gradually increasing complexity - teaching children to read at higher levels. I wish I had books like this to engage and instruct me when I was a child growing up in the Hare Krishna movement. Knowing that future generations of Krishna kids will have access to this wonderful resource makes me happy. Thank you for this important service.

Sri Prahlad Dasa, PhD Candidate in Psychology