I Look for My Krishna (ebook)


In the middle of the famous rasa dance, Krishna suddenly disappears. The cowherd girls look everywhere for him and then decide to spend their time creating poetry and putting it to song. Thousands of years later, people still learn and sing the famous "gopi-gita" they composed. These ebooks playback audio in English and the home language.

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Diwali (ebook)


Diwali, a celebration of New Year, is a time for decorating the home with light. This family in a village near Govardhan works together to light the traditional ghee wicks in small clay pots. These ebooks playback audio in English and the home language. Each story is accompanied by an activity book, 'Learning the English Alphabet' activity book and Series Manual.

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Did Krishna Do It? (ebook)


Charming baby Krishna often broke the clay pots of butter or yoghurt when his mother, Yashoda, was busy. His naughtiness captivated the hearts of Vrindavana village where he lived, and continues to delight children today. These ebooks playback audio in English and the home language.

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We Can Run in the Sun (ebook)


Read "We can Run the Sun" on the Mantra Lingua e-reader (read.mantralingua.com). On every page you can listen to the story in your home language (in this case Gujerati) as well as listen to the English with the spoken word being simultaneously highlighted Continue Reading

We Are Singing (ebook)


Thousands of years ago in the village of Vrindavana, all the people, animals, and even nature were singing full of joy. Continue Reading

Krishna Is (ebook)


This simple beginning book is based on the Bhagavad-gita, one of the most widely revered ancient spiritual texts of India. Through these meditations, children can see the spiritual in everyday life. Continue Reading

Cows Get Love (ebook)


Children naturally love animals, and cows are very practical and useful house-hold "pets" in many parts of the world. This book shows that it takes affection to care for a cow. Continue Reading

SET B Activity Books


Please note, we have limited stock of these printed Set B activity books and will not be reprinting. They will, instead,  be available as Interactive Activity ebooks later this year. Continue Reading

Dr Best 'Learn To Read' sets A,B & C : Version 2 available from Jan'19

After popular demand "Learn to Read English with Krishna" was re-launched in January 2019.
This is a slimmed down version, more accessibility, more flexible and shipping is less costly if you are shipping abroad.
The key differences are the series comes in print and ebook versions. :
Printed Books: The print version is a collection of 42 picture books each sound enabled with our PEN reading devices. You can listen to the text spoken in English and 24+ home languages. Practice pronunciation by recording your voice onto every page!
Learn to Read is progressive - the books are sorted in three sets: Set A, B and C. Each Set has 14 sound enabled Story Books and each Set costs £80 plus p&p. The associated Activity Books that underpin learning from Story books, are available only for Set B and C. Each Activity book set is priced at £20. Set A activity books are only available as interactive ebooks.

ebooks: For those who prefer ebooks to printed books, Set A is available now. Learn to Read English on the go - on your mobile, tablet or computer. Each book is linked to its own Activity Book. Each ebook is licenced on a yearly basis at the following rates: £4. This price includes the local vat rate. However, if you buy the Set of 14 books , you get also the associated activity books: 10 Story related Activity book, 1 Activity Guide and 1 Alphabet book. The price of Set A (14 Story books + 12 Activity Books) is £80 or per year.

Languages: When you buy a MagicPEN £55+vat each printed book can be listened to in the following home languages: ENGLISH with 24 languages:
Gujarati Hindi Bengali French German Italian Spanish Slovenian Slovak Russian Dutch Portuguese Croatian Finnish Hungarian Afrikaans Hebrew Farsi Telegu Tamil Kannada Thai Japanese Mandarin

The ebooks are structured slightly differently: each ebook comes as one dual language edition. Continue Reading

The program is systematic which makes learning English easy, fun and natural. It was developed by Dr Edith Best (Urmila Devi-Dasi) who has a  PhD in education and 3 decades of experience. Instructions are so detailed and clear that even inexperienced teachers or parents can get great results. The “Talking” feature of the MagicPEN allows children to touch the pages and then hear the stories in English, and various

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