Did Krishna Do It? (ebook)


Charming baby Krishna often broke the clay pots of butter or yoghurt when his mother, Yashoda, was busy. His naughtiness captivated the hearts of Vrindavana village where he lived, and continues to delight children today. These ebooks playback audio in English and the home language.

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We Can Run in the Sun (ebook)


Read "We can Run the Sun" on the Mantra Lingua e-reader (read.mantralingua.com). On every page you can listen to the story in your home language (in this case Gujerati) as well as listen to the English with the spoken word being simultaneously highlighted Continue Reading

We Are Singing (ebook)


Thousands of years ago in the village of Vrindavana, all the people, animals, and even nature were singing full of joy. Continue Reading

Krishna Is (ebook)


This simple beginning book is based on the Bhagavad-gita, one of the most widely revered ancient spiritual texts of India. Through these meditations, children can see the spiritual in everyday life. Continue Reading

Cows Get Love (ebook)


Children naturally love animals, and cows are very practical and useful house-hold "pets" in many parts of the world. This book shows that it takes affection to care for a cow. Continue Reading

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